Why Site Solutions

IT Infrastructure Support


Today, Business Houses are more dependent on technology than ever. Every aspect of the day to day business, operation depends on Information Communication Technology. Therefore, ensuring that your It Infrastructure is up and running correctly is extremely critical. We extend IT Infrastructure Support to all our clients through our sister concern IIWHosting.com, who will help manage these technological systems and minimize any downtime.



Site Solutions is a performance driven organization and the only way we could measure our success is by measuring our achievements against our commitments for which SLA is the perfect tool. By ensuring SLA's made available to all our client's, we declare to everybody the level of our commitment to our work. SLA's serve as a benchmark that helps us establish documented and repeatable processes to give us the best possible opportunity to meet and exceed our client expectations.

Geo Location


It is a proven fact that the location of web server could influence the amount of visitors recommended to your website by the search engines . At Site solutions we understand how important traffic is to the growth of our clients business , hence we provide our clients web hosting from the servers nearest to their geographic location.Currently India, USA, UK, Hon Kong and Turkey. This helps our client's experience much faster access to their data. Forget server time outs and also guarantees better visibility on search engines.We guarantee that the moment you switch your website from an international datacenter to us you can automatically see increase in traffic. More traffic means more business.

Escalation Matrix


At Site Solutions we work with clients from different Industries and geographies. The diverse nature of our clientèle provides us a perfect opportunity to reinvent the wheel of customer support. As a Customer oriented organization our constant focus is to ensure that our clients are happy with the quality of service provided and also the turnaround time. However, due to any unavoidable circumstances, if our clients feel that they need an urgent attention, we ensure that they have the Escalation Matrix Handy. Within 24 hours from the time the customer profile is created on our portal a mail is sent to the client with the escalation matrix. Every time there is any change in the escalation matrix a fresh copy is sent to all our clients by default.



At Site solutions we understand the every business needs and budgets are unique. We have taken special care while putting together our product range to ensure that they cater to a wide range of customers.Site solutions helps you to unlock many potential sites that have gone undeveloped due to the massive capital undertaking required.

Value for Money


Site solutions is not the cheapest web design company in Bangalore and we don’t aspire to be. But we’re certainly not the most expensive web design company either. We firmly believe that good websites are a great investment as they deliver returns of your Investment. We believe in being fair and transparent in our interaction with our clients about our work. If we price our services too low we can’t deliver the quality of work our clients deserve.We pride ourselves on quality of after sales service we provide with free maintenance period after delivery on all our product range. We offer the real value for money with a perfect blend on the quality and support.

Speedy Technical Support from the same time zone


It can be a frustrating experience to schedule late night calls with your hosting service and get your issues resolved. By hosting in India, we provide you rock solid support during the daytime when your business needs it the most.

Free Data Migration


At Site solutions we understand that moving servers is a painful process. Our Support team will be more than happy to migrate your website from your current hosting. During the process we will try our best to ensure you have only least downtime as possible. The transfer will include all your website contents, emails, domain names, sub-domains and mysql data.

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