Sales Manager

Who can apply: 

Any Graduate, Diploma holders can apply

Job Description: 

A Sales Manager would constantly monitor and improve performance of all sales activities in an assigned market. This will be achieved through hands on leadership, excellent customer support, and team management skills to deliver company standard.

Generates Sales and Profits

   * Responsible for the development and performance of all sales activities in an assigned market.

   * Monitor real time positives and closure of Sales Associates and Sales Executives.

   * Ensure the Daily sales activites are executed by the team in a flawless manner

   * Ensure and Assist in achieving weekly branch sales targets.

   * Drive profitability through increasing sales & controlling costs whilst

   * maintaining company operating standards.

   * Attend client meetings as and when required.

Pre Sales and Support

   * Ensure all Pre sales Enquiries are addressed to within a minimum of 30 minutes  and a maximum of 90 Minutes by the sales team.

   * Take part in sales escalation and ensure right products sold to the right customer.

   * Highly visible & hands on in the day to day sales activity.

   * Ensure that all staff sell by advising on the right solutions for the clients business

   * Deal with customer complaints politely and efficiently with the aim of ensuring the issue is resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

   * Escalate to The Management as appropriate.


   * Ensure all sales staff are well trained for the product and client Verticals they Handle.

   * Ensure all sales staff have access to the latest product and pricing related updates.

   * Evaluate the Quality of Sales staff by conducting periodic assessment.

   * Organize retraining programs for Staff requiring extra help.

   * Provide regular updates to Training department to ensure that the up to date with the latest  development and trends on the sales floor.


   *Inspire & motivate the team to achieve sales and profits

   *Lead by example, taking a hands on approach

   *Train and develop the team  skills to exceed customer’s expectations

   *Praise and recognise good performance

   *Deal with poor performance through informal reprimands. Act as a witness during company disciplinary procedure

   *Proactive in problem solving

   *Can work on own initiative to deal with problems and opportunities and escalates to senior managers as is appropriate

   *Communicate via team meetings, one to one meetings, training sessions, notice boards and written

  *Communicate a vision of success which the team want to be part of

  *Manage the day to day administration ensuring systems compliance

Personnel Skills

* Assist in trianing and recruiting of staff team members in line with company and statutory requirements.

* Identify recruitment needs and agree action plan in a timely manner

* Assist in recruiting a team that meet and exceed customer service standards

* Identify training needs and deliver training to drive sales and profits

* Deal with day to day personnel queries

* Assist in the performance review of all staff on an ongoing basis

Delivers Company Standards

* Ensure the staff dress code / appearance is adhered to

* Promote a positive perception of the company at all times both internally and externally

* Ensure pre sales and post sales interactions adhere to process standards

Systems Compliance

* Ensure and support to the management in complying to daily, weekly and monthly administration.

* Ensure to company standards and meets deadlines.


Salary :  Salary is not a constraint for deserving candidates